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Daily Dumb Ass

If you are Stupid leave this site immediately we don't have the patience or time to waste on Stupid and remember to thank your Parents & Teachers for not doing their job.

Years ago when I realized most people are stupid, life got easier. The sooner you realize this life can also get easier.

There are some people who are so stupid that if breathing didn't come naturally they would die. Imagine having to stop breathing so you could walk or talk because your brain doesn't function at a high enough level to do both at the same time.

Many people show there stupidity while driving, it is called "Cranial Rectal Inversion" (CRI) where people insert their head in their ass to drive or to do other tasks.

People will cut you off while driving but they don't have enough balls to cut you off in the checkout line at the store. If they tried it at the checkout line in the store they may get their asses handed to them.

Many of the ideas for the shirts come from real life experiences. I was standing in line at Wal-Mart and all the people around me couldn't come up with enough brain power to blow their noses. That is when this crossed my mind "They say we only use 10% of our brain why in some people it takes 20 people combined to get that 10% brain power"

I constantly get great comments about my shirts and have had people ask to take pictures many have said you need to sell these I would buy them. Here is your chance to get a great conversation piece or just to express your feelings about the idiots that surround us on a daily basis.



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