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Everyone I know wares T-Shirts but most of them are the same boring old T-Shirts, years ago I decided to make a few of my own. I travel a lot and the way people drive amazes me that there is not an accident every minute. People blow through stop signs, and stop on yield signs they cut people off, follow way too close and none of it seems to faze them. People are so clueless and can't think ahead they can barely think in the moment. People text and walk out in front of cars and get hit, they fall down stairs while texting. Most people don't know left from right, someone who knows the difference should put an L and R on the back of these idiots' hands to help them out.

I was at a restaurant/bar with a friend one night and there were 6 people sitting at a table next to us all 6 were on their cell phones looking at videos or texting and not talking every once in a while they would show their phone to someone and say look at this. They would look at it and just mumble they can't interact with others because they have no people skills or social skills. This country seems to be getting dumber by the minute.

If you don't believe there are a lot stupid people in the world start reading Facebook posts or YouTube video comments a lot of these people are so clueless. Or take a long drive somewhere and see how stupid people drive or hang out at Wal-Mart. It's not just these people that are stupid look at how people vote and there are many owners of big companies who make stupid decisions every day, some of these people at least have the money to fix their mistakes.

It got to the point that idiots were everywhere and people kept asking to buy my T-Shirts or take pictures of them. I finally decided it was time to offer these T-Shirts to others after so many people asked for them. We can't fix stupid even with duct tape but we can have T-Shirts to enjoy this movement of stupidity.



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