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Pennsylvania - TrippyDoo a rapper -- who was out on bond for illegal possession of a gun --- is now under house arrest after he posed for a photo holding guns in front of a police cruiser. The pictures show him holding an AR-15 next to a police car that was parked in front of an officer's house.

The police officer looked outside and saw this guy posing for photos in front of his squad car, while flipping the bird. But TrippyDoo said that it's not his fault. His promoter is the one who had the brilliant idea.



Texas - A guy was in a house who was drunk set it on fire. Once the Fire Department arrived he screamed that his wife and dog were inside the house.

The 47-year-old directed firefighters to a window and then walked over to the battalion chief's SUV, hopped in and took off. Soon afterward, he crashed into the gas pumps at a 7-11. He tried to run off, but was quickly apprehended.

Turns out he didn't live in the house and there was nobody inside. He faces charges of vehicle theft, interfering with public duties and public intoxication, according to the police report.

drunk set house on fire



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