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Tennessee - Driver under the influence of drugs flips his truck 5 times because he got a message from above, "JESUS told me to let go of the wheel".

Chad O. England (33) was arrested after he got out of the vehicle and attempted to run away, carrying a jar and 'speaking gibberish.'

When deputies searched the vehicle they found marijuana, cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, a bottle of Crown Royal, a small empty bottle of Crown Royal and several cans used for 'huffing.'

Two witnesses said the guy was speeding down the highway and for no apparent reason he drove off the road. He told police that he was not driving, but he was behind the wheel. He also told police he had closed his eyes and let go of the wheel because Jesus was calling him.

JESUS told me to let go of the wheel


What's a Computer? - Talk about stupid, Apple actually designed an ad showing how stupid kids really are these days. At the end of the ad a girl on her iPad Pro is asked by a neighbor "What are you doing on your computer" and she replies "What's a Computer". She is on a computer but is so stupid she doesn't realize she is on a computer and Apple is betting that the general public is so stupid they won't realize she is on a computer. I guess the girl in the ad and the ad promoters at Apple think she is making a pizza or maybe they just ate some Tide Pods and are delusional.

Someone on Twitter said "I have never hated another human being more than the "What's a computer" iPad child"

Someone on Facebook wrote "Does this commercial tick anybody else off? I want to smack this kid. What's a computer? You know what a computer is you disrespectful smarta--!!"

Another wrote "I have an irrational hate for the kid in that "what's a computer?" Mac commercial.

And another wrote "I don't think I've hated a commercial more than the iPad Pro commercial where the hipster girl says "What's a computer?"

The ad video on YouTube actually has the comment section turned off to keep people from finding out who this stupid kid is and posting comments about the idiots at Apple. We need to start doing something about all this stupidity there is going to come a time when all the baby boomers are gone and all that will be left are idiots like this.

Apple is promoting how rude and disrespectful kids are these days. It will be very easy to tell who the stupid, rude and disrespectful kids are before they open their mouth they will be carrying an iPad Pro. The people with a few brains will never buy one because they won't want to be in the same class as these idiots.

Like Jeff Foxworthy says here's your sign. Carrying an iPod Pro will be their sign that they are an idiot.

What's a Computer?



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